green box

Generate AR/VR 3D Models
From Real Objects

Green Box will be established as an innovative business in the world that will aim towards providing 3D modeling services integrated with Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality environment.

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3D-Model Generation

What is the meaning of the Green?

Using Deep Learning to generate a pixel Identify

What We Do?

According to our Patented 3D Modeling METHOD we do:

  • Providing 3D modeling services intergrated with augmented reality and virtual reality environments.
  • Generate low and high details 3D objects.
  • Providing machine learning services, specilically for 3D modeling usage.
  • Create augmented reality and virtual reality environments.


3D Modeling is

3D Modeling is

3D Modeling is


We use machine vision & high-speed pixel matrix algorithms

Our final output is editable 3D model ready for any change

We use a pre-build studio and automatic process

How We Compete?

Depended to our patented method
based on the AI

  • Our services are more inexpensive than other companies.
  • We can generate more editable 3D objects in less time than others.
  • Our 3D-GreenBox can be produced in a different size.
  • Using our services don't need any experts.

How We Compete?

Our Prototype

Our Product including Hardware, Patented Machine Vision and
Procedd Algorithms Methods and Online Tools

How it's work?

Green box for high resolution object detection

3 axis for generate multi image from 3-views

Dynamic light for generate different RGB-D images

Each axes contain camera, extra light, processor unit



Object detected by machine vision, and then the camera will be moved to the center of the axis.


The image capturing done from the center and deferent distance of the center.


Previous steps will be done for another axis.


Images process will be done by different machine vision algorithms in 3-views, to determined pixels.


3-dimensional pixel matrix will be generated.


The final object will be created from matrixes.


Matrixes will be converted to the 3D object in the Blender editor.


Textures will be added to the 3D object by CNN and GAN methods.

Our Team

Our company is an IT-based company significantly using Artificial Intelligence and AR/VR to figure out new solutions to solve more problems in any business. We try using different AI concepts, for instance, Machine Vision, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Voice Recognition, Text Mining, and AR/VR solutions. We try to make innovative ways of improving business processes and find a better solution to enhance their activities. Now, our company has been focusing on two startups. A virtual hub center to provide different services from business to customers (BtoC) in a virtual 3D environment, and generate an editable 3D model of objects in a new way to use in some virtual hub services and other companies. For achieving our startup aims, we are gathering a team with four specialists with different skills.

M.Reza Maralani
Production Manager

Ameneh Shadlo
IT Manager | Enterprise Developer
Soroush Sarabi
CTO | AI Specialist

Ali Soltanmoradi
CEO | Marketing Specialist

Contact Us

900-2025 Willingdon Avenue, Burnaby, British Columbia, V5C 0J3 Canada

+1 (657) 333 5045

+1 (657) 333 5045